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400KHZ 50M Industry Mach3 USB CNC 4 Axis
1. 4 axle linkage interpolation operation.
2. 8 light coupling isolation input, 24 extended input.
3. 8 500 ma can be directly promote relay output, 13 expand output may meet LED lamp.
4. Computer minimum configuration P3/800 m 128 m memory (only can we guarantee)
5. The built-in S type and deceleration manual mobile shaft/inching smooth, four axis and linkage.
6. USB on-line, convenient computer connection. On-line automatic detection.
7. Pulse output using remote differential output/reliability higher/faster/anti-jamming stronger
8. Large stroke software limit, is stroke 8 meters, negative stroke 8 meters. Limit gentle accurate stop.
9. The handwheel operation, may meet integration the handwheel (needs to write PLC program to choose axis).
10. Can control spindle positive &negative, cooling liquid, etc. Auxiliary function more.
11. Automatic to knife, found edge, points in. Real-time condition, will not damage the blade.
12. Spindle converter control, optional 0 to 5 v or 0-10 v voltage control speed.
13. Supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003200 8, Vista, Windows 7 operating system.
14. Support MACH3 software the latest version and old version.
15. A wide voltage power supply DC12-32 v. Matching industrial most peripheral interface.
16. Easy installation concise. Wiring simple, board SMD process.
17. Can control servo drive and stepping motor drive.
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